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Our Rodent Control Program Includes

We create effective sanitation and repairs to eradicate the factors that are causing rodents. Rodents are attracted by food and water, they prefer carbohydrate and sugar. Trash left in containers attracts pests for food while bedding and other soft items are attractive as nesting.

We Can Help With Your Rodent Problem

Along with being difficult to repel, rodents can carry disease, making them a danger for your home or business. They leave feces, urine and hairs that spreads disease and further infestation. Additionally - rodents reproduce, and one or two quickly turns into infestation in weeks. If you suspect rodents have taken up residence in your home, call a rodent control professional to keep them at-bay.

From First Sign of an Infestation, Contact Grant Exterminating!

The presence of just rodent signals that there are more living nearby. Rodents reproduce quickly and can become an infestation rapidly. In your walls and floors, rodents could be damaging your property right now, compromising the quality and safety of your home.

The professionals at Grant Exterminating are more effective than tackling the threat on your own. Traps can catch rodents occasionally, but solving the root problem is the only long-term solution for protecting your well-being and house.

How Can a Grant Exterminating Solve Your Pest Problem?

  • Professional rat, rodent and mice exterminators know the behavior and nesting practices of rodents. This helps us to determine the best methods of mitigating an infestation.
  • Our technicians use methods that can exterminate the most resilient rodents.
  • We can pinpoint where rodents are entering your home. This is important for preventing future infestations.
  • Our technicians provide insight on how to the common 'travel routes' that rodents are taking throughout your buildings infrastructure.

Keep your Property Safe with Grant Exterminating.

We'll ensure that your property stays pest-free with our yearly checkups. You never have to worry about rodents in your mobile or traditional home or on your commercial property again. Contact us today at (704) 865-3704 to schedule your inspection or to request information about our services!