Mosquito Control Services in the Carolinas from Gastonia, NC’s Leading Exterminators

Mosquito Control Services: Inspection, Extermination & Treatments | Grant Exterminating - mosquito-callouts2Mosquitoes are known for being the biggest obstacle to enjoying any backyard barbecue!

With their unending thirst for blood, and their ability to leave behind itchy bumps whenever they bite, they have a habit of irritating people wherever they go. Beyond being simply annoying, mosquitoes can transfer serious diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and Yellow Fever. 

Grant Exterminating Offers Effective & Affordable Mosquito Treatments That Will Stop Them at the Source

The most effective approach to mosquito control is to eliminate their breeding grounds, in addition to using scientifically-proven mosquito prevention treatments. Our mosquito control program includes an inspection of your property where common sources and breeding areas will be identified for removal. While this is the most reliable long-term solution, our products and methods can make an immediate impact.

Our mosquito control programs will target all stages of development:

  • Treatment for vegetation that is commonly used by adult mosquitoes for shelter and rest.
  • Treatment for water sites to prevent mosquito breeding, growth and development.
  • Pet-safe microbial treatments that will cause mosquito death.

Are DIY Home Mosquito Control Methods Effective?

There are many products on the market that are designed to prevent mosquitoes from invading your property. Some of the most popular options include citronella candles, bug spray and electric bug zappers. While items like bug sprays and citronella candles are effective at reducing the number of insects temporarily, it is not a long-term solution for controlling the mosquito population.

Bug zappers, while great at killing a variety of flying insects, do not attract mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes are not at all attracted to the light of the zapper and are actually more attracted to the CO2 released by your breathing. Additionally, many people find the unpleasant sound of a bug zapper to be just as irritating as dealing with the mosquitoes themselves!

Contact us today at (704) 865-3704 to schedule your on-site mosquito inspection or to request more information about our approach to mosquito prevention. Let us get them, before they get you!