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Rat & Rodent Control: Inspection to Extermination | Grant Exterminating - mouse-and-rodent-controlIn addition to being difficult to control and unsightly to look at, rodents can carry a variety of diseases, making them a dangerous pest to ignore.

It is highly recommended that you avoid attempting to deal with any mice, rats or rodents on your own.

Most rodents have sharp teeth and are capable of inflicting serious harm, in addition to spreading serious illness.

At the First Sign of a Rodent Infestation, Contact Grant Exterminating!

The presence of just one mouse, rat or other rodent is a clear indication that there are more lurking out of sight. Rodents can reproduce incredibly fast, and a manageable problem can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Behind the scenes, there could be countless rodents slowly damaging your property, eating and infecting your food and chewing away at your home. The thought alone is unsettling!

The professional rodent exterminators at Grant Exterminating have solutions that are far more effective than the standard DIY methods. Mouse traps may catch a few mice here and there, but dealing with the problem at its source is the only long-term solution that can protect your health and property.

How Can a Grant Exterminating Solve Your Pest Problem?

  • Professional rat, rodent and mice exterminators understand the social behavior and nesting patterns of rodents. This allows us to quickly determine the best methods of controlling a rat or mouse infestation.
  • Our technicians here at Grant Exterminating use methods and materials that can take care of even the most resilient rodents.
  • Locating the areas where rats and mice are finding their way into your property is a key element for preventing future infestations. We are knowledgeable in how to spot the areas that are giving them free reign to enter your property.
  • Knowing how to track travel routes gives our friendly and professional technicians insight on how to locate these dangerous rats and mice that can invade your home or business.

Contact us today at (704) 865-3704 to schedule your on-site inspection or to request more information about our approach to rat, mouse and rodent treatment services. Let us get them, before they get you!